Friday, 15 September 2017

Social Justice

I don’t think that people should live in Poverty. First of all, Poverty isn’t good for people because it is hard to feed a large family and because at night-time it can be cold and they will get pneumonia or hypothermia.They should not live in poverty because their parents will have to try find a job and work hard.

Poverty is bad for families because some of the children will want to get things that they would want instead of things that they may need like sweets. Children who live in poverty die from hunger, dehydration, and sickness. Parents who live in poverty won’t be able to afford the medication that their children may need.

Last of all, The children won’t be able to get a good education and if they don’t have a good education they wouldn’t be able to get a well paid job, instead they would get a job that doesn’t get well paid, now their family is going to struggle and live in poverty as well. `

Learn: We were researching information about what Social Justice means what the main problems in the world are.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Martin Luther King Jr Info Board

Learn: We were learning about who was Martin Luther King and What works did he do.