Thursday, 25 June 2015

Swimming day

During term 2 Rm5 went to swimming three times a week to be safe in water. There was instructor's inside the pool, there names was Joseph and Emma. We weren't allowed to jump inside the pool because it might get shallow. We got into groups, the groups was group 1 and 2. I was in group 2. In group 2 we learnt to do a backstroke. Later on we all had a race. It was a Freestyle race. it was only two people racing. We Had to race to the end of the pool and back. Then the instructor said “On your marks, Get set, GO’’!. We kicked our legs and flapped our arms as we raced through the water. Some people was jumping trying to catch up to the others well other people was walking and running. When we got to the other side we kicked the wall and off again. A while later when we got back we were puffed. The fastest swimmer was Opi, Macky, and Beni.

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