Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Fun-day

In last week of the holidays my family and I went to a Funday at the netball centre. When we got there we all walked to the hall.  I felt so excited because I love fairs.

when I walked inside I felt very cold and chilly when I sat down on the seats. Later on we all started to do some jump jam, I felt very shy and scared, I felt like running away and hide in the shadows..

Later on I started running to the bouncy castle, My heart skipped a beat when I jumped on the bouncy castle,  I felt like i was flying as I went soaring through the air.  Soon  later on I began to feel hungry, I could feel my stomach rumbling, I ran as fast as I could to the cart of hot dogs, I felt so hungry that I almost ate all the Hot dogs In the cart, Soon I felt so full.

Soon It was time to go home.I was so tired as we were driving home, When we got home I went to sleep, I felt so happy and amazed today.

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