Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Week One: Day Two:Activities 1+2

Day 2: It’s All in a Day’s Work
Activity 1: A House or a Home?
In the 1800s, most Māori lived in villages called pa.
Each village had many buildings – kauta where people
cooked, pataka where they stored goods and wharepuni
where the Māori slept. A traditional wharepuni had a thatched
roof and walls made of timber, fern, rushes and bark. Look at
the picture above of a traditional wharepuni. Does it look like
your house?

On your blog, compare the wharepuni to your own home.
What are two similarities and two differences between a
wharepuni and your house?


  1. Hey there Falakiko,

    You have made some great similarities and differences.

    Do you think you would enjoy staying in a wharepuni why or why not?

    Keep up the phenomenal work!

    Katelyn : )

  2. Hey Falakiko! Awesome to see that you've completed another activity, well done. I hope you post some more soon.

    You've done such a great job comparing and contrasting the traditional wharepuni with your own home. I love the way you've presented it too, using a Venn diagram. It is so visual, clear and easy to read.

    I like how you've spoken about the building materials, the size of the structures, and also the purposes and what you're allowed to do inside of each structure. There are many distinct differences, especially the carvings on the outside of the wharepuni.

    Do you think that you could live in a wharepuni without electricity, devices, a kitchen etc.?

    It would be very tough!

    Billy :)

  3. Kia ora Falakiko,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced “Emily”) and I work alongside Billy at the Summer Learning Journey!

    It is great to see you have used a venn diagram to compare similarities and differences between your own house and a wharepuni. Like Billy said, this is a clear way to orgainse your ideas and looks awesome on your blog. Well done! Maybe you could think about adding some pictures in your venn diagram of your house and a wharepuni so people can see what the two look like.

    I know there are many other buildings which Maori use for different purposes. Do you know of any other builds and what they are used for?

    It is great to see you have made a start to the Summer learning Journey! I know the Summer Learning Journey team have enjoyed reading and commenting on your blog. We can't wait to see what else you will blog!

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)

  4. Hi Falakiko its me Lusia, I am currently at college right now,
    but I would like to wish you good luck for this year! College is soo Fun & different! I wish I could see you guys again!
    I hope you had an outstanding holiday! <3 xx