Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Narrative writing

In the holidays I went to Mrs Middleton’s house because there was a pool party. Stella and I were getting ready because Mrs Middleton was coming to pick us up. When Mrs Middleton picked us up we went to pick up Macky and Mei. After a while we went to some shops to buy swimming noodles, ice cream, water guns and ice blocks. When we got there we saw Samuel, Annalisa and Josua there. As we helped put away the the food we ran through the house to the back yard. I felt a tingle as I felt the water, We had  listen to the rules before we could jump in.

After that we all jumped in and started shooting each other water guns and splashing each other. The pool was starting to get full, Then Beni and Justin Tyler came. We all yelled and cheered as he bombed inside the pool. Soon we had some snacks and juice. Beni and I kept on eating the Popcorn. Later on we were starting to get full and it wasn't  even lunch time. Hours later I got cold so I just stood in the sun. A while later it was lunch time, We all ran to the table as we splashed little water at each other. When we were full we waited for while because we were to tired to swim.

Soon we had ice creams and ice blocks, Then It was time to go home. When I got home I was so cold and I had goose bumps as I hopped into bed. I went to bed washing away the memories of the day.

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