Friday, 11 March 2016

Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was a man named Toa. Toa would always protect his house from any danger. When he died no one came into the house until this day His spirit still lives in there. One day my family moved in, It was in the middle of a farm with no neighbours. Soon it started to get dark. We all headed inside and went to sleep.When everyone was asleep I crept out of my bed to go for a drink of water. By the time I got down stairs I felt like someone was watching me every corridor I turned.
When I reached the tap I quickly looked for a cup and turned the tap, but when I turned it no water came out. I then gulped as I heard footsteps coming from the upstairs. I looked up the stairs to see who it was but there was no one.

When I turned around a large pale ghostly figure pushed me to the wall knocking me unconscious. I woke with pain as I stumbled to my feet. All that I could see was a blur as I walked through the hallway. Then my older brother came and asked what had happened. I tried talking but I swallowed in the words as I saw a knife go through him. I scrambled to my feet as blood burst everywhere. I ran through the living room trying to jump out the window but when I leaped I got pulled back. I tried calling for my brother but Toa was pushing all the air out of me, Then I took a huge deep breath and yelled ¨Matt Matt¨! I then heard the door burst open and I saw him grab something out of his jacket, It was Holy water and a Bible. I heard him saying a chant in Roman language  and sprinkled some holy water on Toa. I passed out as Matt chanted continuously. I woke up with a whisper in my head ¨John¨? ¨John¨. It was Matt. He helped me up and we both walked outside and went home.

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