Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 2: New Zealand by land and sea Activity 1

Winter Learning Journey (100% Pure New Zealand)

Activity 1: After a very busy day of sightseeing you and your group drive from Tane Mahuta to your hotel in Dargaville. When you arrive you decide to sit down and record your thoughts in your travel diary. Before you start writing, take a minute to read more about Rangitoto Island, Karekare beach and Tane Mahuta.  On your blog, tell us which of the three places you most enjoyed visiting and why.  

The three places I enjoyed visiting the most:
1. The first place I enjoyed visiting was the Rangitoto Island.
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Reason: Rangitoto is by far, (well I think) the most beautiful island in Auckland. It has lots of incredible plants and bushes there and it is also the environment is very clean. I also love the feeling of the amazing, fresh clean breeze that comes gusting through my nostrils. The facts that when the crispy leaves that have fallen off of their home come whirling around my feet because of the air.

2. The second place I enjoyed visiting was the Karekare beach.

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Reason: I just love the soft, squishing feeling that the sand gives me when it goes in between my skinny, small but long toes. feeling the cold but pleasant tenderness blow of the salty breeze on my face and hair. Hearing the ocean speak to me in the form of an angry beast splashing and crashing against the rocks. Just the way the sun comes shining down on my warm but fragile body was enough to make me want time to stop.

3. The last place I enjoyed visiting was the Tane Mahuta walk
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Reason: I just enjoyed the feeling of the cold breeze touch my face and go into my nostrils, it was amazing and smelled amazing and fresh. I also loved looking and learning new things about the trees there. I learnt that Tane Mahuta means the 'Lord of the Forest'. The Kauri trees were HUGE, but the Tane Mahuta tree was the biggest and tallest. I felt like an ant standing beneath it. I felt really good when I sprayed beneath my shoes so that I don't take any types of diseases out of the forest or into the forest. 

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